Thursday, April 2, 2009

Well...I haven't posted for a while. I said I would try every week but I just can't seem to find the time. Since I got laid off in December I've been busy with freelance. Got another children's book to do too. It's about a Florida Panther and how her forest is being destroyed.
Here are a couple of art cards I have for sale on Ebay. I did Halle Berry and Eartha Kitt as Catwoman. I think they were two of the sexiest.
Can I get a Meowwwww.....Purrrrfect!!

Did these in about a half hour each, didn't take too long. Check 'em out, my seller name is Phatsoe58.


Danette said...

Hello Lew love your art work. When you coming to Montana? We miss Jensen and you guys.

Linda said...

Very stylish artworks, Love them. Lindax