Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Beautiful Smoker

This is a new artist trading card I did for sale on ebay. It is under my Ebay selling name Phatsoe58. It is colored pencil on Canson pastel paper.
She makes smoking look sexy...but we all know it's bad for you...right Boys & Girls?

Saturday, February 7, 2009

You May Attend a Party Where Strange Customs Prevail

This was a piece I did in college. Actually this is a re-do. The original I did in college, this one I did a while back. The assignment was to illustrate a fortune out of a fortune cookie. Mine was "You May Attend a Party Where Strange Customs Prevail" These could certainly be deemed strange.
I like the giraffe, he is happenin'!! I like his earring. I think he might be tipsy! Looks like he is ready to vomit in that glass or gnaw on one of those peacock feathers. I can't decide.
Done with colored pencil.

Blonde Lady

This was a sketch I did for a class demo I was teaching at the local center for the arts. I guess it's a little more than a sketch. It was done on tan Canson paper with colored pencil. I like the colors.

Friday, February 6, 2009


This is my friend Dawn. Well at least the face is. I created the hair, the stylish clothes and the ample bosom. Boy...what you can do with artist liberty. I call this "Diva" because she looks like one. Wouldn't want to make her angry (actually I would, I don't like those kind of people. They make you want to get them fired up just so you can put them in their place. But they still wouldn't get it) Anyhoo, Dawn worked with me at White Rose in Eustis, Florida and she was so funny. I have very fond memories of Dawn. (oh she's still with us, just living in Atlanta) I guess I did make it sound like she had moved on to a new dimension. Miss ya Dawn...LYMI

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Salt Water Whoopee

A whimsical drawing of Mer-Lovers entwined in wet, salty passion. Now how's that for a description?

An artist trading card I sold on Ebay. It was done with colored pencil.

Lord Doberman

Several years ago I drew about 150 animal portraits for a client in St. Thomas Virgin Islands. I did series of cats, dogs, african animals, sharks, fish, etc. Of all the ones I did, i think the Doberman was my favorite. He looks so he's ready to bark out orders to everyone passing by (then snap 'em on the butt maybe) YoW!!!!

He is done with colored pencil.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pretty Vamp

Oh my gosh, three posts in one day...I'm on Fire!!!

Just whipped this out and wanted to post it while it was hot.

A lovely vampire with golden eyes and a very intense stare. Hmmm...I wonder if she has spotted her next victim. Yikes...hope it isn't me, although she is kinda hot...okay very hot. Looks like she would like leather and long walks on a moonlit beach.

She is 3.5 by 5 and done with colored pencil. She is for sale on Ebay under my seller name Phatsoe58.

Weary Travelers

I said last week I was going to make an attempt to post every week, that's all I could do.

But wee doggies, I am in the zone now!! I'm going to do TWO POSTS tonight!! I think I fainted for a moment, where am I?!!

Anyway...this painting is called Weary Travelers. It is actually my kids, Parker and Jensen, dressed up like little worn out pioneer children who have just walked 50 miles in one day. I'd be mad too. We have a little song at church that goes "Pioneer Children Sang As They Walked and Walked And Walked and Walked...My wife Debbie and I changed it to "Pioneer Children Walked til They Dropped and Dropped and Dropped and Dropped....Now that's more like it. Gritty reality. Til next time...LYMI

Mrs. Peacock, In the Dining Room, With the Wrench

This is a piece I did a while back, a series of the game Clue. I have done four of the characters and I still have Prof. Plum and Col. Mustard to do. I loved that game as a kid. So this is my Mrs.Peacock. It's actually my friend Peggie all dressed up. Wow...What a fantasy killer...okay, it really is Mrs. Peacock. There, are you happy? Ain't she perty? Love the fur...don't hate me anti-fur people. It's just a prop! It wasn't even real. (Actually, it was the cutest dead fox you've ever seen, it was my gramma's) But don't tell. Well...enjoy Ms. P and her socially unacceptable attempt at keeping her neck warm.