Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Weary Travelers

I said last week I was going to make an attempt to post every week, that's all I could do.

But wee doggies, I am in the zone now!! I'm going to do TWO POSTS tonight!! I think I fainted for a moment, where am I?!!

Anyway...this painting is called Weary Travelers. It is actually my kids, Parker and Jensen, dressed up like little worn out pioneer children who have just walked 50 miles in one day. I'd be mad too. We have a little song at church that goes "Pioneer Children Sang As They Walked and Walked And Walked and Walked...My wife Debbie and I changed it to "Pioneer Children Walked til They Dropped and Dropped and Dropped and Dropped....Now that's more like it. Gritty reality. Til next time...LYMI


Barney's Friend Chris said...

SACRALIGEOUS!!!! I'm OUTRAGED that ya'll changed the words to the song. I'm sending a healing and sanctification your way!

I like this picture, though.

Anonymous said...

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