Saturday, February 7, 2009

You May Attend a Party Where Strange Customs Prevail

This was a piece I did in college. Actually this is a re-do. The original I did in college, this one I did a while back. The assignment was to illustrate a fortune out of a fortune cookie. Mine was "You May Attend a Party Where Strange Customs Prevail" These could certainly be deemed strange.
I like the giraffe, he is happenin'!! I like his earring. I think he might be tipsy! Looks like he is ready to vomit in that glass or gnaw on one of those peacock feathers. I can't decide.
Done with colored pencil.

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Sheila said...

How cool is this! Yes, the giraffe is the life of the party. How big is this? Happy Valentine's day my virtual pal...