Friday, February 6, 2009


This is my friend Dawn. Well at least the face is. I created the hair, the stylish clothes and the ample bosom. Boy...what you can do with artist liberty. I call this "Diva" because she looks like one. Wouldn't want to make her angry (actually I would, I don't like those kind of people. They make you want to get them fired up just so you can put them in their place. But they still wouldn't get it) Anyhoo, Dawn worked with me at White Rose in Eustis, Florida and she was so funny. I have very fond memories of Dawn. (oh she's still with us, just living in Atlanta) I guess I did make it sound like she had moved on to a new dimension. Miss ya Dawn...LYMI

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Barney's Friend Chris said...

She looks a little like Pink and then when I look at it a little longer she looks a little like Sandra Bernhard.